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Burnham House Dental PracticeBurnham House Dental Practice
4.1 Stars - Based on User Reviews
Ava ArcherAva Archer

I found the reception staff and the dentist assistant both lovely and polite however my dentist was rude judgmental and unhelpful.

I'm a very nervous patient anyway and this dentist was my worst nightmare, this appointment may of actually set me back and shattered any confidence I had left and because of this I may now have to be referred to Bridgwater hospital to have gas and air to get me through my procedures - something which I conquered a few years back.

He did not no any of my medications I was on which most lay people would of known never mind a professional in the medical field. This was a sensitive nature and he made me feel judged. He insinuated I ate a lot of sweets as my teeth weren't in great condition ( due to not returning to the dentist on more than one occasion in the past due to nerves and phobias with dentists) he could not have been more wrong.

This dentist offered me no treatments to combat any of my problems I spoke with him about. Most dentists will do minamal cleaning but this dentist offered me nothing. Luckily I have good family that have clubbed together to pay for a visit to the hygienist for me. Just because I'm a nhs patient do we get treated like this? Im devastated - what it's come to......

frank ellulfrank ellul

My wife has a phobia about dentistry. She normally would not allow any work to be carried out on her teeth without sedation. Kasha was very compassionate and understanding, she was also very gentle and communicative. No sedation was required to descale my wifes teeth and a major hurdle was achieved in just one appointment. Kasha was and is amazing we can't thank her enough. Highly recommended! 👍

David BlightDavid Blight

More than very happy with the prompt polite service from this practice. I was seen at short notice, the receptionist was very polite and helpful and the dentist I saw was so professional and friendly, and explained everything she proposed to do so I was happy and informed with what was being done.i can't recommend Burnham House dentist highly enough
D Blight

Michal StefanskiMichal Stefanski

Poor customer service with setting appointments . Definitely will change my practice .

Peter GoodchildPeter Goodchild

Great dental practice

Julie WiltonJulie Wilton

Very good with nervous patients

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Keith PetvinKeith Petvin

Great practice .very nice people

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Paul RobbinsPaul Robbins

I think Andrew Fisher is one of the best dentist I found puts you at ease and so is the dental hygienist.

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Carolyn LeighCarolyn Leigh

I am very phobic after a couple of historic bad experiences & consequently have avoided going to the dentist for a long time. I heard good things about this dentist and booked in with Kasia. So glad I did. I was immediately put at ease. I will not be frightened next time.

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Ewa FicekEwa Ficek
Lynda JeffersonLynda Jefferson
Philip UnderhillPhilip Underhill

This is a very good dental practice and the ff are very welcoming. Macias is the best dental surgeon I have ever been to and I have o hesitation in recommending Burnham House Dental.

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Mina LutyczMina Lutycz

Great and professional care. I will be coming back. Kasia is am amazing dentist. I felt safe and trusted her opinion.

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Kat DeeKat Dee

I'm a very nervous patient and needed a wisdom tooth removed. Kasia was incredible, A 20 minute appointment and it was gone...needed just 2 paracetamol that evening and had no swelling at all. Massively impressed with the whole service.

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Kylie JoyceKylie Joyce

Highly recommend this dental practice. Was in agony with toothache and they squeezed me in for an emergency appointment to remove the tooth. Was a different dentist to my usual one and she was amazing so lovely and really put me at ease. Thank you �

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Susan RobbinsSusan Robbins