What is R-Solutions?

R-Solutions enables you to access affordable dental care while still having the flexibility and choice to decide exactly what is the best solution for you and your family to help ensure that you all have healthy teeth and gums and enjoy the many healthcare benefits that regular visits to the dentist can bring.

R-Solutions is a bespoke dental care service where you can choose to have all of the treatments that you would expect including examination, x-rays, and fillings.

We believe R-Solutions will provide you with the solutions that you need at an affordable price

How do I book an appointment?

Really simple, just call the practice on 01278 782742, or pop in to our reception team.

Our caring and professional team are on hand and ready to help. We can also make family bookings too.

How much does R-Solutions Cost?

R-Solutions gives you access to a set price list on the treatment items shown.



Exam – including 2 X-ray’s £33
Additional X-ray £5
Basic Scale £20
Emergency Appointment Fee £46
Amalgam Filling £56
Composite (Anterior) £56
Simple Extraction £72
Root Canal Treatment £112
Denture Repair £72
Denture Reline £72
Additions to Denture £72
Crown £375
Gradia Onlay £375
Upper/Lower/Partial Denture £305
Full Dentures £500

*NHS Equivalent treatments*

*Excludes any other treatment under special offer at time of appointment, Hygiene (for any more than 20 mins), Implants, Orthodontics, Short- Term Orthodontics, Tooth Whitening and Referred Treatment.

 Terms and Conditions

This service is an alternate to NHS and full-cost private care and treatment. Appointment costs include a full examination of your teeth, gums and mouth and any oral health care and dietary advice required to achieve and/or maintain good oral health.

This is a No Contract service provided to give you access to dental care at a reduced cost. If you wish to transfer to receiving care on the NHS or as a full-paying private patient, this can be done subject to capacity at time of enquiry. Please note you may not be able to see the same Dentist.